Automating Data Capture & Printing with the "Internet of Things"


Automated Data Capture (ADC) has evolved over the years. From plugging into serial ports and using USB cables to local networks and Bluetooth, there have been many ways that devices and printers have been connected to computers and tablets.

Now, with cloud applications, there is a new way of communicating with devices.

Cloud-Connected Devices - the Internet of Things

A pure cloud app runs in a browser with no local software. Making a local connection to a computer, tablet, or smartphone running a local app may not be feasible.

What's needed are devices (such as sensors and printers) that connect directly over the internet to the cloud software.

Enter... the Internet of Things (IoT). This really means cloud-connected devices which can be used to gather data, display alerts and messages, as well as being managed from the cloud.

The cloud is taking off in a big way for lots of reasons. We are just beginning to see some of the benefits of solutions involving cloud-connected devices. Some of these are listed below.

Central Control & Device Management

When everything is connected to the cloud application directly, you can manage from anywhere your devices. You can also associate the data from a device to automatically fill in specific data fields in the cloud application.


With cloud-connected devices, you can monitor those devices from anywhere, seeing which are on-line, what state they are in, upload new revisions, and such.

You can also see in real time globally the data that is being gathered from those devices. This way you can monitor activities and be alerted to conditions that are out of tolerance.

Convenience and Cost Savings

Cloud computing is becoming very popular for lots of reasons.

It is platform agnostic so you can use whatever browser-enabled device you want. Plus you don't need to mess anymore with servers, networks, IT resources, or software version control and maintenance. Everything becomes much easier and less costly.

Ease of Setup

Cloud connected devices requiring no local software drivers or utilities, simplifying the setup process. Getting a system running involves low-tech to no-tech which saves time and money.


Some people worry about security in the cloud. Cloud computing is often more secure overall than locally maintained systems that have copies of data floating around on laptops, tablets and smartphones. Most people are using the cloud for banking and other important functions. Good cloud programs have the same level of security.


Integration between cloud apps is becoming easier and is no longer the challenge it was with local systems that didn't share information well with other systems.

Using APIs, cloud applications are securely and happily sharing relevant data with each other.

Get Connected with ItemPath

If you want to gather data from a device directly to the cloud, it's easy to do with ItemPath. And you can use that data to record details for checklists or as part of the history of things.

Select from one of the already supported devices, or if you have another device that supports cloud connections, let us know, and we'll set up an integration with it.

Reporting and Analytics

It's one thing do gather data using the Internet of Things. What's also needed is to make sense of the data.

ItemPath comes with a built-in reporting tool so you can perform analytics based on filters and criteria you set.

About ItemPath

ItemPath is a cloud program for tracking things and building their history. ItemPath is the world's first application to print labels directly from the cloud and supports the Internet of Things to automatically gather data.

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