Cloud Printer and Device Connections Explained

Cloud Printers

ItemPath makes a secure connection to cloud-enabled label printers (currently Zebra's Link-OS printers) using a modern, industry standard approach. It is built using tools that offer enterprise-level security.

How do I connect a Zebra Link-OS printer to ItemPath ?

You do not need any other hardware or software besides your printer, a computer, tablet or smartphone with a modern browser, and a network with an internet connection.

Wired Network Connection:

Connecting a cloud-connect capable printer to ItemPath is easy and straightforward with a wired ethernet connection. Plug it into your network, and it will show an IP address on the display.

Wireless (WiFi) Connection:

If the printer supports both a wired and wireless connection, first make a wired connection as outlined above. Then you can call up the printer's settings in a browser by typing in its IP address into the address bar of your browser. Here you can set up the wireless settings. See your printer manual or for details.

If only a wireless (WiFi) connection is available on the printer, there are a few more steps required. You will need to run the Zebra Setup Utility in Windows and connect it to the PC with a USB cable. See your printer manual or for details.

Connecting the printer to ItemPath:

Once you've connected your printer to your network as outlined above, Run ItemPath in a browser on a device on that same network. (The device and printer on same network is required only for initially setting up your printer to work with ItemPath.)

In ItemPath select the Printers tab, add your printer by typing a name, selecting the printer type, and entering the serial number. Then record the IP address that shows up on the printer display and click Setup.

Ta-da! Your printer will restart and make a direct connection to ItemPath. After it has started and made the connection you can see the printer connection status as green = connected.

From this point on, you do not need to have the printer on the same network as the device you access ItemPath from. Just make sure each is connected to any network tied to the internet, and you're in business.

How does ItemPath talk to the printer?

When the printer is setup to work with ItemPath, when it starts up, it looks for ItemPath and will make a direct connection to it. This is a dedicated, persistent, encrypted, and secure connection with ItemPath.

A security certificate in ItemPath prevents any unauthorized connections.

The connection enables super fast printer response and uses minimal data for print jobs and specific status requests.

Does ItemPath use Zebra's Zatar IoT utility for label printers and printing?

No, ItemPath does not use Zatar. It has its own service for connecting to and managing cloud-connected Zebra printers.

ItemPath also includes its own label design utility which runs purely in a browser with no other software, plugins, or printer drivers required.

Internet of Things Devices

For IoT (Internet of Things) capabilities, ItemPath includes its own Integrations utility. This supports RESTful API services to securely connect to cloud-capable devices. The data from IoT devices can be automatically captured and linked to custom data fields. ItemPath reads selected data as part of manual and automated events.

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