Cloud Printing Benefits

No longer do you need to manage printer drivers, pair devices and have a local software program or app - ItemPath is the world's first web app that prints labels and tags directly from the cloud. It's really easy to connect a cloud printer to ItemPath and start printing in minutes.

ItemPath is a web app -- it runs in a browser. There's no USB, no Bluetooth, no software drivers and no software programs or apps to install. Instead, by being a web app, or cloud program, all you need is a browser and an internet connection. You can print from your browser on any device to any printer connected to ItemPath - no matter where it is in the world.

Why is this better?

There are several reasons why direct from the cloud printing is better than other solutions:

  1. You don't need to install printer drivers, such as on a Windows or Mac computer.
  2. There are no connections (wireless or cable) needed between the printer and the device you use to run your browser. No USB cable (or serial or parallel, thankfully). You don't need to pair the device and the printer using a Bluetooth connection.
  3. There is no software program or app to load on your computer, tablet or smartphone. Just run your web program in a browser.
  4. The device running a browser and the printer can be on totally separate networks. This gives flexibility so that someone doesn't have to first log onto the network. As long as they are connected to the internet any way that works for that device, they can print.
  5. The web app is device independent. Instead of having an app for each type of device (such as Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Blackberry), the program is based on a user's login on any device.
  6. Works with BYOD (bring your own device). Employees can use whatever device they have. Because the printer is connected to the internet, there's no issue. This translates into reduced support, more convenience, and lower costs.
  7. Everyone is on the same version all the time. No software version controls are required. You don't have to go through your organization to update any software or make sure everything is at the same level.
  8. Things are more secure. With controlled access to the program, printing can only be done by those who have current login access. This helps prevent unauthorized use and the problems that can otherwise happen when there's less control.
  9. You have central control of label layouts. No one prints anything that isn't based on the up to date templates. You can make instant updates and keep everyone always in sync with the master.
  10. Software upgrades are automatic, in real time. Everything and everyone is up to date with the latest features and fixes at all times.
  11. Label data is always current with the centrally managed master. This is a big deal to help eliminate labelling problems to increase safety, prevent product recalls, and improve accuracy. It also allows for instant changes to data that are automatically and instantly put into effect globally.
  12. It's no issue to upgrade your device and instantly be up and running without needing to configure anything. You don't need to set up a new device to work with the existing printers. The user simply logs into the program in their browser and printing works.
  13. You can record what was printed, when, and by whom. This gives you a tool for monitoring print jobs and your users' activity in real time from anywhere. Plus, you can use this data to measure such things as label usage and production quantities.
  14. Printer status and usage are visible from anywhere.With a direct cloud connection, you can better manage your printers by seeing how they are performing.
  15. Support for the printers and the printing processes will require less support. And you will be able to troubleshoot and make fixes much more easily and remotely.
  16. Software updates are put into effect automatically and globally without anyone needing to make any local changes.
  17. Printing from the cloud works for any operating system (Windows, Mac, Linux, iOS, Android, Blackberry, etc.). You can mix and match and even swap devices of different operating systems with no bearing on the printing.
  18. Works on any platform (computer, tablet, smartphone). It doesn't matter what the platform is, the printer isn't connected to it anyways, but to the cloud program over the internet.
  19. Cloud printing supports mobility. Connect the printer to the cloud using a wireless or connection. See our partners for options. Whatever mobile device is used also connects to the cloud over any network and runs the program in a browser. Easy.
  20. You can add or remove a user or printer globally in moments.This makes things not only quick, but also provides an added level of control.
  21. Supports easy setup, even by a non-technical user.
  22. Lower software costs. Cloud computing has reduced the cost of software because it's much easier to roll out and maintain. The same applies to connecting printers to the cloud,
  23. Monthly fees make it easier to pay out of operating costs rather than doing a large up-front purchase.
  24. There is no local server to install and maintain. This makes things so much easier and less costly than investing heavily in your own IT infrastructure.
  25. With a cloud solution, the provider offers continual, ongoing support with real-time visibility of issues.
  26. Newer cloud computing solutions are built with tools that enable simpler user interfaces than most locally installed software packages.
  27. Cloud applications can use modern interface tools to easily exchange data with other software programs.
  28. People can try out the printing application to see if it does what they want without having to outlay a lot of money.