Get a Detailed History of Everything

ItemPath is a web app that helps you get a detailed history of everything you want to track.

With it, you will have traceability of all your things, from assets to combinations of things.

This lets you be able to look in both directions, back to the sources and forward to the destinations. 

By "checking in" each item at specific locations, you can see when and where every item has been. See what they come from. Follow what they went into. 

And that's just a part of it. 

You can also set up your own custom fields to track whatever attributes you want about your items when you check them in somewhere.

Do you want to track temperatures or weights? What about its condition or what it looked like? 

There is no limit to what data you can gather about your items when they are checked in. Then you can look back to see what was recorded about that item at that point.

History. Of everything. As detailed as you want. ItemPath.