Launching ItemPath 1.0 - Traceability software for everyone

We’re thrilled to announce that, starting today, ItemPath is now openly available to everyone. Visit to create your account and try it out for yourself.

ItemPath is a modern web application that tracks items and records customized data about them. Instead of using thousands of paper records, ItemPath simplifies data collection and collates it into an easy-to-use interface that the whole organization can use.

We began our private beta a year ago, and today we're tracking thousands of items across the globe. Our customers range from industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Their feedback is that ItemPath makes it simple for them to get a handle on their inventory and makes traceability during a recall easier than ever.

How ItemPath works:

  • Capture data about items when we check it in to a location. When items are moved from place to place, ItemPath knows what details you want recorded and presents the form.
  • Label everything you want to track with a unique identifier. Each item is required to have a number that ties the data together. ItemPath makes it easy by printing custom labels from within the app, and ties in wirelessly to print over-the-air.
  • View the history of each item by itself, or within the bigger picture. Items are easy to look up, and the data about each individual check-in is all attached. Plus, you can start to work with that data on broader scale by creating your own custom reports and alerts.

There's never been an easy and affordable way to achieve traceability - until now. ItemPath is great for larger enterprise companies who need end-to-end traceability software, but can also be used by small businesses and individuals for tracking your products or assets.

We're creating quick-start guides and building out more documentation soon, but the best way to get started with ItemPath is to create an account and explore, or visit our demos page to sign up for a personalized demo from our team.

We're excited to keep building ItemPath forward, and we'd love for you to be a part of it.

Bill & Scott deVries
Co-founders, ItemPath