New Feature: Snapshots let you record the conditions to help ensure safety and quality.

Do you fill in forms with a list of details to check off?

Does your quality or safety program require regularly completed checklists?

Snapshots is a new feature we've just added to ItemPath. It lets you can design your own checklists with the data fields of your choice.

Choose the data types for each field, such as text or numbers, multiple choice, and Yes/No. Set tolerances that will be checked to alert if things are out of the expected range.

When you assign a Snapshot to a location, users use it to fill in the details as required.

Snapshots also has an approval tool so that a supervisor can review the details of the snapshot and either approve it or require corrective actions. Comments can be added so that you have a trail of what was done to address issues.

All this is to help you ensure the right things are done for safety and quality.