More New Label Design Features

ow within ItemPath, you have more control over the data you want to print on your labels.

Download your own fonts

You can now use different fonts on your labels to spruce up the look, or to satisfy your marketing people's eyes.

Adjust the size of images

Simply by dragging, you can play with the sizes of logos and graphics.

Add lines and boxes

Easily set the position, size, thickness, and rounding.

Format dates and custom fields

You have complete flexibility on how dates and times are formatted and on what variables and custom fields to print on your labels.

Use this capability to design and print custom on-demand labels for internal tracking of items. Or print customer-specific labels with the details they want.

Date offsets

ItemPath lets you set date offsets for Item Types. You can use them to print best before, expiry, and other dates that are calculated by ItemPath based on the offset you set for that ItemType.

Flexible, powerful label design and print - from the cloud

Create your labels with custom details, text, images, bar codes, lines and boxes.

Print to cloud-connected printers anywhere.

And all of this is right from your browser - no software to install, no printer drivers. Platform agnostic, you can use ItemPath on any device with any operating system.

ItemPath is the only pure cloud printing tool on the planet, giving you a host of advantages. Read about them here.


The labelling features in ItemPath are part of the goal to help people build a history of things. Printing labels with the details about items is a helpful piece in identifying items.

ItemPath helps people build a traceable history of things. It offers compliance monitoring, supports the "internet of things" for automated data gathering and controls, and includes the world's only pure cloud label printing utility.