What Really Happened to Your Things

People don't care about traceability. Not really.

They do care that the things they buy are safe and that the claims about them are true.

They want to know about the origins of those things and be assured of their integrity.

Country of origin, claims about quality, and labelling are just a few attributes we expect to be true. But sometimes we wonder.

That's where traceability comes in - as a tool to provide assurance about the things we buy.

When you combine traceability - building the history of items - with checklists to make sure the right things are being done, you can see where things came from and went, and what happened to them along the way.

As it turns out, the people who apply traceability well also benefit themselves in making things better, seeing what's going on, and preventing bad things from happening.

That's why we made ItemPath, to help everyone know what really happened and ensure the right actions are done.