You can use Combine to put items together into another item. For example, you might add ingredients to a batch, components to an assembly, or cases onto a pallet.

Combine lets you add items to an item that has already been registered in ItemPath, or a new item that hasn't yet been encountered.

Into Item

If it's a known item, select "Combine" and then "Existing Item."

Into New

If the combined item does not have an Item Code and it hasn't yet been registered in ItemPath, use "Combine" and then "Into New."


You may want to combine items so that they can be separated later. For example, these might be cases on a pallet, or objects in a container. Choose Temporarily. This will also update the input items with whatever happens to the combine item.


Some combinations will be permanent, like mixing ingredients into a batch. For these, choose Permanently.

When you choose permanent, there will be an option to combine Partial or Total.

Record the input Item Codes, one by one. You will notice that as you input multiple input Item codes, more fields will open up to let you record as many input items as you want.