Item Types

An Item Type is like a category of items. Item Types can be things like a certain material, a container or an asset.

An Item Type has a name that is the same for all items of that type. For example, some people choose to use a part number for a product.

Item Types can be products like bolts of cloth, packages of pharmaceutical drugs, vehicles, or tools. Item Types can also be containers, batches, (even animals or people!) or anything else you want to track.

An Item Type can have many items, each having a unique ID.

Adding, Editing and Removing Item Types

If you're an administrator of your ItemPath account, you can add or change Item Types and Item Type information.

Adding an Item Type

From the main ItemPath menu, click the Item Types tab. On the screen that lists the Item Types, you can click the Add Item Type button to call up the form where you can add an Item Type code and name. Save the Item Type and you will see it added to the list.

Editing an Item Type

You can easily edit an Item Type. Select Item Types from the ItemPath main menu and from the list that comes up find the Item Type you would like to edit. Click on it, then select the Info tab which will give you access to the code and name that you can then edit. Save the changes.

Removing an Item Type

You can't completely remove an Item Type since ItemPath needs to be able to look up history of items that may have been assigned to it.

You can archive it by following the same steps as editing, except that you click the Archive Item Type button instead of saving it.

Custom details about an Item Type

Each Item Type can have additional details stored. This is done in the Info tab section.

Add a field you want to record about your Item Types. This will become available for all Item Types.

For instance, you might want to include a part number or GTIN (Global Trade Item Number).

Simply add the field, and then put in the detail for each Item Type.