Printer Setup

ItemPath is the world's first program that prints labels directly from the cloud.

There is no need to install any software, drivers, or plug-ins. Nor do you need to pair the printer to your device.

A cloud printer that is ItemPath enabled connects directly to ItemPath over the internet and does not need to be on the same network as the device you use to run ItemPath in a browser.

What You Need

You will need a cloud label printer that connects to the internet. Currently, only Zebra Link-OS printers have this ability. See the list of supported printers.

Setting up an ItemPath Ready Printer

It's really easy to set up a printer that is "ItemPath ready" to work with ItemPath.

Connect it to the internet from your network by connecting it with an ethernet cable. (Later, if you want to connect it wireless, see here.)

In ItemPath, add the printer by giving it a name and recording its serial number. (Careful: The serial number is case sensitive.)

If the printer is already "ItemPath-ready", you do not need to enter its IP address or press the Setup button.

It's that simple!

Setting up a Link-OS Printers that is not yet "ItemPath ready"

If your Link-OS printer has not yet been made ItemPath ready, you will initially (only for setup) need to have the printer and your device with a browser to be on the same network. This will let ItemPath send the required commands to get it ready. From then on, you can have the printer and browser device connect to ItemPath on their own separate networks.

Steps to getting your Zebra Link-OS printer to connect ItemPath:

  1. Connect the printer with an ethernet cable to the same network as the device running ItemPath in a browser. The printer will pull and display an IP address.
  2. Type the IP address shown on the printer.
  3. Press SETUP. Your printer should restart. It is now ItemPath ready.

That's all you need to do. (It's probably the simplest Zebra printer setup utility ever.)

Printer Status Indicator in ItemPath

You can see from within ItemPath whether a printer is connected by looking at the indicator beside the printer name.

When the button is green, it is connected, whereas a red button means it is not connected.

From the menu of a pre-configured ItemPath Cloud Printer, you can also see if it is connected if it has the message "WEBLINK: ON".

Changing your Printer Connection

Now you can connect the printer on a separate network from the device you use to access ItemPath if you like.

You can also set up your printer to be connected to your wireless network. See how here.

Other Non-Cloud Enabled Printers

If you have a printer that is not set up to connect to ItemPath or cannot connect directly to the cloud, but you would like to use it with ItemPath, please contact us by sending an email to

Cloud Printing: Convenient and Flexible

  • Multiple printers can be accessed from one device.
  • Multiple devices can access a printer.
  • Printers and devices can be on separate networks, or even in different locations.
  • And everything is visible and controlled from the cloud using a browser.

Read more about cloud printing benefits.

Need a Printer?

Purchase a printer in the ItemPath Equipment Bundle or source one from a Partner.