" Check-ins" are actions done to items. They happen at specific location in ItemPath.

The history of an item includes the locations it was checked into.

You decide how detailed you want your locations to be. You could settle on a room or warehouse as a location, or you could get really precise and make a rack or shelf position a location.

Adding, Editing and Removing Locations

If you're an administrator of your ItemPath account, you can add or change Locations and information about them.

Adding a Location

From the main ItemPath menu, click the Locations tab. On the screen that lists the Locations, you can click the " Add a Location" button to give the new location a name.

Select the Info tab which will give you access to the code and name that you can then edit.

From here, you can also select or deselect the check-in types you wish to enable or disable at that location.

Location Time Zone

A particular location may be in a different time zone from others.

You can override the account's time zone that is assigned in Settings.

Extra Data

You may want to have additional details that are associated with this location, such as Global Location Number (GLN), address, or whatever.

Type in a new field name and put in the value you would like.

Any new fields you add as Extra Data will be made available for all other locations as well.

The Extra Data fields will be available to print on labels.

The changes you made are automatically saved.

Taking Snapshots at a Location

Snapshots are electronic checklists that you can fill in at a location.

Click on the Snapshots tab. Here you can add any snapshots you have created using Snapshots from the left menu.

Once you have a snapshot added, click on it and you will see the checklist.

The details recorded in Snapshots will become part of the history of items that are checked in at that Location.

Seeing Details about Items at Locations

See Location Details.