You may want to know where you received items from (one-up) and where you sent them (one-down). This will likely involve customers and suppliers which are handled in "Partners" in ItemPath.

Partners appear on both end of your supply chain in ItemPath:

  1. when you receive items
  2. when you send items

Adding, Editing and Removing Partners

If you're an administrator of your ItemPath account, you can add or change partners and partner information.

Adding a Partner

Adding a new partner to your account is quite easy. From the main ItemPath menu, click the Partners tab. Once you see a list of your current Partners, click the Add a Partner button. Give the new Partner name.

You can add whatever details you want about a partner in the Info tab section. Some people like to record the address, a contact name, and a phone number, for example. Simply add the fields you want, and they will be available for each partner.

Custom Fields