You can use a scanner/imager to read Item codes.

For the codes themselves, you can use any of the following

  • 1D (linear bar codes)
  • 2D (matrix codes - like QR or DataMatrix)
  • RFID tags
  • DPM (Direct Part Mark)
  • Human readable codes

Here are some good questions to ask when selecting a bar code scanner or reader:

  • Should it be corded or cordless?
  • How will it connect to the computer or device: Bluetooth or USB?
  • Will we need to scan only linear bar codes (the kind with straight bars) or 2D codes?
  • How rugged should the scanner be? Light, medium, or industrial? Does it need to stand up to dirt or water?
  • What should be the scanning range (how far do we want to be from the target)?
  • Should it be a handheld scanner, or will we want it to be mounted?