Capture information about locations and add it to the history of your items.

Get Assurance about Compliance

With Snapshots you can tie compliance details with traceability, giving you the best of both worlds.

These are checklist forms to let you capture whatever conditions you want to record at locations.

Ideal for safety and quality compliance monitoring, snapshots include an approval process and comment trails so you can

Unique to ItemPath, the details gathered in snapshots become part of the traceable history of items.

This way, you can have assurance that the right things are being done wherever you handle items. Plus, you can demonstrate that the items you handled were subject to the proper conditions.

Fields for Snapshots

Start by adding Fields which are the data elements you want to capture.

Making a new Snapshot

From left menu, select Snapshots. Click on the "Add Snapshot" button.

From the Edit tab, add your fields to the snapshot and drag them into the sequence you want them to appear when a user completes the form. See Fields and Adding your own Fields.

Assign a Snapshot to a Location

In a Location (select Location for the left menu and click on a Location), select the Snapshots tab across the top . Add a snapshot to the Location with the "Add Snapshot" button

Take a Snapshot

Click on the Snapshot you want to complete.

Record the data in the form.

When done, click the "Finish Snapshot" button.

Reviewing and Approving a Snapshot

Select Snapshots from the left menu and click on a Snapshot you want to review or approve.

To approve a Snapshot entry, click on it and then select the Approve button from within the Snapshot.

You can also add comments to a Snapshot entry. Multiple comments can be added.

Snapshot Details in an Item's History

You can look at the history of an item and see the snapshots that were taken while that item was in that location.