Manage your Assets and Build their Complete History

Track and see everything that has happened.

Get the scoop on what's happened to each of your assets.

  • Manage assets anywhere using mobile devices, tablets, and computers
  • See everything about your assets: locations, history, status
  • Create and run your own reports with charts, graphs and lists
  • Follow the complete traceable history of each item
  • Record custom attributes and conditions about items at each check-in point
  • See inventory of assets by location
  • Track assets by location, item type, and serial number
  • Monitor how long something has been at that location
  • Unlimited custom fields of various typesSet tolerances for custom fieldsMonitor and update values with modification settings
  • Audit and update asset locations and attributes
  • Supports combining, separating and converting assets
  • Asset labels: Pre-printed or print on the fly

Build and see the complete history of your assets.

Item Types

  • Unlimited number of Item Types
  • Record unlimited Info fields about the Item Type
  • See the inventory levels of each Item Type in each location and sent out
  • Assign Labels
  • See inventory by Location
  • Drill down to individual Items to see and follow detailed history including path, attributes, and Snapshots


  • Unlimited number of Locations
  • Record unlimited Info fields about Locations
  • Assign Printers
  • Assign Snapshots
  • Set Time Zone
  • See inventory by Item Type


  • Monitor conditions using a checklist at a location
  • Set up your own conditions (inspections, training, people, environment)
  • Snapshot details become part of the history of items present at the location
  • Ties together traceability and inspections
  • Provides assurance (see that the right things were done through the history of the item)
  • Approval process
  • Comment trails


  • Import customer and supplier order details
  • Monitor customer and supplier orders
  • Receive and validate supplier orders
  • Fulfill and send customer orders
  • See the history of what was received from suppliers
  • See the history of what was sent to customers
  • Trace the entire history of assets from source to destination


  • Runs in any modern browser on mobile, tablet, computer with an internet connection
  • Runs in Windows, Mac-OS, iOS, Android, Blackberry, Linux
  • Works with Link-OS cloud-connected label printers
  • Simple printer connection setup
  • Works with bar code scanners and imagers connected to mobile, tablet, computer
  • Works with RFID readers

Hosted Software

  • Requires no local software besides a connected modern browser
  • Subscription-based payments for low software operational costs
  • Secure web connection and user access
  • Connection is made through any internet connection
  • No data is stored locally
  • Transactions are recorded live
  • Transactions and asset details are visible from any connected browser
  • All updates are instant globally
  • Updates to Item Types, Locations, Partners, and Labels are instant everywhere
  • Central label design and control
  • Users are centrally managed and monitored

Label Printers and Printing

  • Supports unlimited number of printers
  • Print custom-designed labels and tags with dynamic data
  • Label design tool in browser with no additional software, plugins or drivers
  • Print images and logos
  • Supports GS1-128 compliant bar codes, 2D codes (QR Code, DataMatrix)
  • Label printers can be shared by any number of users and devices from anywhere
  • Label printers make their own connection to ItemPath in the cloud on any network


  • Built-in reports for inventory levels
  • See the history and follow the trail of items
  • Reporting and analytics tool for designing and running your own custom reports
  • Produce your own charts and graphs right in your browser
  • Export report results to CSV, Excel, XML, JSON

Data Integration

  • API for sharing data with other software
  • Extract data from ItemPath
  • Update and import data into ItemPath

Other Features

  • Number of users: See for plan-specific details
  • Number of ItemTypes: unlimited
  • Number of Locations: unlimited
  • Number of data fields: unlimited
  • Number of check-in transactions: See for plan-specific details
  • Track by person: Yes
  • Parent-child relationships: Unlimited
  • Track groups of assets together: Yes
  • Monitor your account's monthly usage
  • Manage time zones: by user, by location
  • Global search: by Item ID (serial number), Location, Partner, Item Type
  • User Roles: limit visibility by location,...
  • Favourites: Locations, Item Types
  • Archives: Locations, Item Types, Partners. Keeps history.


  • Cloud access from anywhere
  • Unlimited number of sites
  • Visibility restricted by user roles

Check-in Types

  • Check-in Event Types:
  • Receive
  • Create
  • Convert
  • Separate
  • Move / Update
  • Send
  • Destroy

Trading Partners

  • Vendors & vendor orders: Yes
  • Customers and customer orders: Yes

Installation and Training

  • No installation required
  • Runs in any connected modern browser
  • Simple sign-up to get started in minutes
  • In-app guides
  • offers training materials
  • On-site and remote training is available at a daily rate


  • See for plan-specific support details

Designed to be easy to use.

ItemPath's interface makes training a breeze.

The history of items is only as good as the data you collect, so we've created ItemPath to be really simple for the people who will use it every day. Unlike so much software that is cluttered, ItemPath is simple to use and works with your users' devices.

If you want to know what your employees are doing, ItemPath is great for tracking that too. See who's logging in and when, and get reports on which users are moving around your items.

Try out ItemPath