Take advantage of the cloud to track your items.

Any device. Any operating system. Anywhere in the world.

One live version with current information.

ItemPath helps you keep things accurate and up to date in one central, secure place online.

Each check-in happens in real time from wherever the users are, and you can see the results instantly from anywhere.

    There are many advantages of ItemPath in the cloud:

    • Easy to get started
    • Affordable monthly payments instead of a large capital purchase
    • Update everyone globally immediately
    • See what users are doing in real time
    • Have current visibility of everything from anywhere
    • Print labels from anywhere to anywhere
    • Use your favourite device (iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry, Mac OS, Linux)

    ItemPath is built to help you track your items from start to finish.

    Custom Data Fields

    Need to handle weights, times, or other data? Set up whatever fields you need, and capture data in real-time.

    Simple Recalls

    Find out which items you need to recall with our simple reporting tool. Respond quicker than ever before.

    Serialized Item Inventory

    Use ItemPath's unique codes, or create your own. Even print the code on a label for easy tracking.

    Item Groups/Lot Tracking

    Group items by order, lot number, or container. Combine and remove items from groups – it's all recorded for later.

    Asset Tracking

    Never lose anything valuable again. Track your items by user and location to always know who you've lent things to.

    Detailed Item History

    Get the scoop on what's happened to each item. Track combinations, separations, location data, and more.

    Combine & Separate

    Build and divide assemblies using components. Mix ingredients into batches. Do this at multiple levels and track it all.

    Trading Partners

    Set up your partners on both ends of your supply chain, and monitor what's been sent and received.

    Line Automation

    Use our API to send data right into ItemPath and keep track of things without any user input.

    Designed to be easy to use.

    ItemPath's interface makes training a breeze.

    The history of items is only as good as the data you collect, so we've created ItemPath to be really simple for the people who will use it every day. Unlike so much software that is cluttered, ItemPath is simple to use and works with your users' devices.

    If you want to know what your employees are doing, ItemPath is great for tracking that too. See who's logging in and when, and get reports on which users are moving around your items.

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