How can I use ItemPath to print ID labels?

ItemPath can print labels with Item IDs when you perform a check-in on the item. Start with setup of the label, then apply that label to the Item Type. Select a printer for the location where the check-in will happen where you want the label.

ItemPath works with printers that support direct cloud connections. At the time of this writing, the only printers available on the market that have this capability are Zebra Technologies' Link-OS printers (iMZ, QLn, and ZT200 series). See Cloud Connect for a current list of Link-OS printers that support cloud connections.

The printer needs to be able to connect to the internet over a wired or wireless connection.

The device running ItemPath in a browser does not need to be on the same network as the printer.

See ItemPath's Features / Labels page.

Also review the ItemPath equipment bundle for an example of a printer that ItemPath supports, or contact one of our equipment partners.