Where can I get equipment to run ItemPath?

ItemPath Equipment Bundle

You can purchase an Equipment Bundle from ItemPath that includes a printer and a scanner.


Or check with our Partners for additional equipment options.

Equipment Notes:

ItemPath runs in a modern browser on a computer or tablet from consumer grade to more rugged industrial devices.

Scanners and label/tag printers can be sourced from our partners.

Here are some options to consider:

  • Scanner:
    • Corded or cordless? Do you want it to have a Bluetooth connection to your device?
    • Laser or imager? Does it need to scan a linear bar code or 2D matrix code?
  • Printer: ItemPath Cloud Printers (see the list of supported printers)
    • Portable or fixed?
    • Wired or wireless?
    • Tear off or internal rewind?
    • Direct Thermal or Thermal Transfer