Import/Export via Epicor API

Our Epicor app connects your Epicor system with PowerPick Global. Use this ERP connector to send information like orders, parts, quantities, history records, and specific attributes between Epicor and PowerPick Global.

+ $3900 per year

Integrate PowerPick with your ERP.

Sync your Epicor software in both directions with ItemPath's custom mapping tool. Set the connection and link your job information in Epicor to PowerPick's orders.

Faster, more reliable checks.

Spot errors as soon as they come up. By hooking into ItemPath's error reporting system, you'll be notified if anything doesn't import or export successfully.

Automate exchanges between systems.

Connect workflows to use data from PowerPick or from Epicor jobs to import and export orders, create materials, and get order details. Use Epicor BAQs to have conditional importing, and bring along custom information about job lines, transfers, and adjustments.