Creating Snapshots

Once you have a report, you can add a Snapshot to

  • gather the data by specified time slices
  • consolidate the data by groupings
  • present the data visually in a graph

Using the image below, we'll take you through the steps of creating a Snapshot.

Conclusions 1
Creating a Conclusion
  1. In your Report, click the Snapshot tab.
  2. Give your Snapshot a name.
  3. Decide what time frequency to base your data time slices on.
  4. Pick from Count, Sum, Average, Minimum, and Maximum.
  5. Group by one of the Report columns.
  6. Optionally select Ascending or Descending
  7. Optionally choose another column to group by.

Save your Snapshot.

It will then be available to display the results in

  • the Data tab in Reports: Choose the Snapshot just above the Report results (see below)
  • Dashboard Widgets.
Conclusion in a Report
Conclusion in a Report