The reporting tool in ItemPath has the components you need to easily create your own reports of PPG data.

This further enhances your use of PPG with reports that are more efficient, more accessible, don't use up a PPG user license, and can present more information more easily and visually than in PPG itself.

Save time and effort with this tool that already has the built-in connection of the Power Pick data.

You can then

  • run these reports in a browser from any computer or device that has a secure connection to the system.
  • use the reports in a Workflow to auto-send them in different formats to email, text,...
  • set up Report Conclusions that offer time-based and grouped data for graphs, charts, and Dashboards.
  • create Widgets using Report Conclusions to build your own Dashboards.

All of the reports are stored here. This is the master list of reports created and they are listed based on title, theme and size for quick and easy selection.

 Reports Screenshot