System Requirements

In order to successfully install ItemPath, there are a few requirements:

  • A dedicated machine or virtual machine (preferably Linux)
  • 4 GB RAM or greater
  • Docker Engine 19 or greater, and Docker Compose 1.22 or greater. For Docker system requirements, go here
  • Port 80 access for remote assistance and monitoring
  • IP access (usually Port 1433) to connect to PPG SQL Server
  • A dedicated (not dynamic) IP address for the machine
  • TeamViewer 14 or greater running on the machine


Before being able to install ItemPath, we’ll need a few things first.

  • PPG SQL Server username, password, database name, dedicated IP address, and port number (if changed from the default port 1433)
  • PPG SQL Server will need to be able to accept remote connections via IP. For more details on how to set this up, go here
  • TeamViewer connection number and password
  • Username and password for the machine (ideally with local root access)