Creating & Updating Materials

Adding a new Material (POST)

To create a material, a value for "name" is required in the body of the request. Other material body params are optional. A unique ID for the material will be generated automatically.


    "name": "Sample Material",
    "codes": ["SampleCode1", "SampleCode2"],
    "reOrderPoint": 10,
    "Info1": "example"


    "material": {
        "name": "Sample Material",
        "codes": [
        "Info2": null,
        "Info1": "example",
        "currentQuantity": 0.0,
        "weightPerUnit": null,
        "canOrderPoint": null,
        "unitOfMeasure": null,
        "Info3": null,
        "expectedQuantity": 0.0,
        "blockReason": null,
        "pickQuantity": 0.0,
        "netQuantity": 0.0,
        "currentValue": 0.0,
        "reOrderPoint": 10.0,
        "materialPropertyId": "F687AB5F-E6F6-48A2-B748-10CE0A6E2C29",
        "isBlocked": 0,
        "Info4": null,
        "putQuantity": 0.0,
        "creationDate": "2022-03-17T19:15:16.067000",
        "id": "EBD286D1-4D5A-41C3-B24A-E62FC1008E57",
        "valuePerUnit": 1.5,
        "Info5": null

Updating Material info and dynamic fields (POST)

To update a material, pass the material's ID and enter new values for any of the keys. If updating a dynamic field, pass your dynamic field name and value.

A sample request looks like this:

curl -L
-X PUT '[Your IP]/api/materials/[ID]'
-H 'Content-Type: application/json'
-H 'Authorization: Bearer [Your JWT Access Token]'
--data-raw '{
    "name": "Sample Material",
    "info1": "another example",
    "materialProperty" : "BASIC"

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