Cycle Counts

Create count requests automatically

Never fall behind on your inventory count. By automating count orders for items with a count cycle property, keep stock numbers up to date and catch errors early on.

+ $1900 per year

Count on time, every cycle.

Set how often materials should be counted in their properties. Use ItemPath's reporting system to narrow down materials or locations that need counting, and connect a workflow to create the count order and add it to the queue.

Check stock errors immediately.

It’s not just cyclical. Generate a count order as soon as a quantity deviation is noted to find out where there’s stock discrepancy and why.

Notify your team.

Use Cycle Counts in a Workflow with your other connected apps to trigger actions like turning on a light when a count needs to be done, showing queued counts on a display, or emailing a manager about upcoming or overdue counts.

Find the best time to count.

Optimize timely counting by checking for better times to do counts—e.g. when orders in the queue are lower, when several counts are due at once, or when quantities are low, before a material is replenished.