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Cycle Counts

Audit stock on a regular basis and keep your records accurate. Keep counting manageable with consistent scheduling, instead of doing a full audit once a year. By automating the orders, you'll never fall behind on your inventory count.

Start the cycle, then let it run

Once you set how often you want materials counted, ItemPath will take it from there. The Cycle Counts app uses key features of ItemPath to make the process effortless:

  • A report calculates how long it's been since a material's last count
  • A workflow checks the report and adds new count orders to the PowerPick queue


Notify your team

Add other actions to your workflow to send emails, turn on lights, or display when counts are due. Plus, keep a widget on your Dashboard to monitor how many counts are in the queue and share the view with your team.

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Find the best time to count

Check for optimal windows of time and have a workflow notify you about ideal situations like these:

  • There are a few other orders in the queue
  • Several counts are due at one time
  • Quantities are low, before a material is replenished

Or, look for ideal locations to count—a zone, a tray, a group of bins—and create orders for those areas.

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Check stock errors immediately

Counts don't have to be cyclical. You can also generate a count order as a result of deviated quantities or the results of a Variance report so you can look into the cause of the stock discrepancy.

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Cycle Counts v2
Cycle Counts

+ $1,900 / Year

Create count orders via ItemPath workflows.