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Order Processor

Eliminate the hassles slowing down your order fulfillment. Add or consolidate steps to tailor the process and get orders out the door faster.


Designed to help you achieve more

The Order Processor is designed to be adaptable and can be customized to fit your needs, with features like these:

  • Capture information about orders with custom and information fields.
  • Create custom validation rules to make sure the right data is recorded.
  • Batch serialized or lot-tracked picks or puts and process all at once.


Skip time-consuming steps

Record and communicate necessary details without spending extra time. Speed up order fulfillment, simplify user flow, and get orders out the door faster.

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Web-based, mobile-friendly

This flexible, web-driven software is also designed for mobile, and can be easily displayed on a device for use on-the-go. Plus, subscription-based licensing means you never go out of date. ItemPath extends the functionality of Power Pick without locking you into custom software versions that are costly to update.

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Activate workflows and optimize

Use data from processed orders to trigger Workflows and send notifications, turn on lights, email a reorder report—any action from your connected apps. Cut processing time and reduce errors by automating the steps you take to fulfill orders, like picking serial numbers or lot numbers in groups.


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Order Processor v2
Order Processor

+ $2,900 / Year

Process orders using an ItemPath interface.