Order Processor

Fulfill orders anywhere

Use a flexible, web-driven order processor without getting locked in to custom software versions. ItemPath extends the functionality of PowerPick software to process the way you need.

+ $2900 per year

Custom processing without custom versions.

Subscription-based, web-driven software means you never go out of date. The Order Processor is also designed for mobile, and can be easily displayed on a device for use on-the-go.

Extend functionality.

Capture and record information about orders, like making notes in an order's custom fields. Get specific and filter orders by report. Or, put your own spin on things. Our team will set up a solution to process orders the way you need.

Activate Workflows.

Use the criteria from processed orders as the trigger for Workflows. Get real-time data and send notifications, turn on lights, print a label—any action from your connected apps.

Optimize for efficiency.

Cut wait times by batching serialized picks or puts and process all at once. Maximize downtime by interspersing counts among other orders. However you need the Order Processor programmed, it's extremely flexible—just like the rest of ItemPath.