API Reference Page

This API provides a bridge and a REST interface for the PPG databases and hardware. This information is collected from the PPG database, formatted, and exposed via a TCP IP connection.


The API uses JWT tokens to authenticate users and API access. Before being able to access endpoints in the API, you'll need to have a username and password. The default user and password is available during the install process. Otherwise, you'll need to gain a username from a current authenticated user, either through the API, or the interface.

Logging in via the API

Once you've logged in, you'll receive 2 JWT tokens in the response (an access token and a refresh token). The access token will need to be passed in the header of every API request, looking like this:

Authorization: Bearer {JWT Access token}

If the username/password has been tagged as a software connection, you'll be able to upgrade your JWT access token to be non-expiring by using this endpoint. Be aware that you will need to pass in the refresh token for this endpoint instead: