API Reference Page

This API provides a bridge and a REST interface for the PPG databases and hardware. This information is collected from the PPG database, formatted, and exposed via a TCP IP connection.

See API Basics for ItemPath


The API uses JWT tokens to authenticate users and API access. Before being able to access endpoints in the API, you'll need to have a username and password. The default user and password is available during the install process. Otherwise, you'll need to gain a username from a current authenticated user, either through the API, or the interface.

Logging in via the API

Once you've logged in, you'll receive 2 JWT tokens in the response (an access token and a refresh token). The access token will need to be passed in the header of every API request, looking like this:

Authorization: Bearer {JWT Access token}

If the username/password has been tagged as a software connection, you'll be able to upgrade your JWT access token to be non-expiring by using this endpoint. Be aware that you will need to pass in the refresh token for this endpoint instead: