Trigger actions automatically.

Set your criteria based on a report and choose a resulting action, like auto-emailing, lights, and other signals.

Workflows 1

Trigger actions and put checks in place using the flexible technology of Workflows. Get advanced warning when stock needs replenishing, orders are getting backed up, or there are errors in the system. Anything you want to keep an eye on, your Workflows can watch out for.

Set it and forget it.

"If this, then that" technology means work happens without lifting a finger. Set your criteria based on the number of rows returned in the corresponding report, and choose A resulting action. ItemPath will take care of the rest.

Automate anything.

The more ItemPath apps you have connected, the more you can use its dynamic range of workflow operations. Trigger any of these actions:

  • Cycle Counts: Create count requests
  • Displays: Put a message or other data on a screen
  • Epicor: Import/Export via Epicor API
  • Labels: Print from a Zebra label printer
  • Light: Turn on a Philips Hue LED in any colour
  • Notifications: Send an email, SMS, or Slack message
  • Order Builder: Create orders manually
  • PDFs & Spreadsheets: Create a PDF, CSV, or Excel file
  • Variance: Generate a report of stock discrepancies

Early prevention = fewer headaches.

Let Workflows alert stakeholders before the problem becomes a problem. Set up triggers to export reports and send them via email to the right people, formatted in CSV, Excel, or PDF for analysis, or to import into other systems.