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Put your reports to work triggering actions using the flexible technology of Workflows. Having checks in place means you have advanced warning when stock needs replenishing, orders are getting backed up, or there are errors in the system. Anything you want to keep an eye on, your Workflows can watch out for.

Set it and forget it.

Choose your frequency and let ItemPath automate the rest. Workflows trigger based on report criteria and can jump into action when stock needs replenishing, orders are getting backed up, or there are errors in the system.

Skip manual monitoring and let your workflows notify the right people when something needs attention.


Early prevention = fewer headaches

Let Workflows alert stakeholders before the problem becomes a problem. Set up triggers to export reports and send them via email to the right people, formatted in CSV, Excel, or PDF for analysis, or to import into other systems.


Work less, know more.

Let ItemPath work for you, setting off a chain of automated events to keep your system running smoothly. Send reports about important data on a schedule to your team or external suppliers. Get timely notifications about key system alerts.

Tailor automations to your needs. Unlock more actions with ItemPath apps:

  • Create count orders based on count cycle
  • Turn on a light to indicate order status
  • Send an informative message to a display
  • Generate a report of stock discrepancies
  • Resend transactions that failed to export

Automate your way

Unlock more actions with ItemPath apps, like these examples:

Count on a cycle

The Cycle Counts app uses a part's "count cycle" setting to calculate when it's time to count your stock. Keep from falling behind on inventory audits and avoid surprises when stock levels are low.

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Sync up inventory records

Use the Variance app to compare stock levels between PowerPick and an external system. A workflow can email you a file of any discrepancies between the two and catch deviations early.

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Red light, green light

Connect an order report to the Lights app to turn a light on when an order is ready to be picked. With Philips Hue lights, you can use any colour, which can be helpful for indicating priority level.

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Retry exporting transactions

If your Data Push integrations encounter errors, a workflow can resend transactions that didn't export successfully—great in the case of a timeout—without any manual intervention.

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Send an informative message to a display

Throughout order processing, the Displays app can show relevant information on a screen, like the names of storage units and the number of orders designated to each.

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