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Let ItemPath create the tailored solution you need to streamline processes throughout the warehouse and improve efficiency. Design multiple screen views for respective stages or stations.

Put key info on a big screen

Display the next steps of order processing and assignments. Check automatically or enter an input to look up storage unit usage, inventory status, or other data breakdowns. Make information easily visible with a fullscreen broadcast of KPIs.


Customized to your specs

Our team will work with you to develop the app with your specific interface requirements (additional development costs may apply). Start from scratch or build off existing display uses.

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Example 1: The "Divert" display

Scan a handling unit (e.g. a cart or tote) to look up the name of the location it's destined for. Putting the location code on a display makes it easy to check where to send the handling unit without slowing down the pace.

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Example 2: The "Order Lines" display

Show the number of order lines in the queue per storage unit. Use the data on display to keep track of order status, see where holdups are happening, and reallocate resources to where they're needed most.


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Wondering if this add-on is right for you? Our sales team can help!

Custom Display v2

+ $900 / Year

A way to have individual limited functionality for certain organizations.