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Data Pull

Save on the steep costs and lengthy development time of custom middleware solutions. Use ItemPath for your complete integration solution with a fully-developed two-way REST API, with Data Pull and Data Push working together to sync your ERP and PowerPick.

Customize for compatibility

Data Pull can connect to multiple external sources (like API endponts or SQL tables) with various authentication methods. It checks these sources constantly for new orders and materials. Setting up multiple integrations allows for different import profiles, like in cases of different order types or data sources.

Using a mapping system to match up fields, ItemPath sends the data in the format PowerPick expects and returns a customizable confirmation message. Detailed logging makes sure there's a record of all Data Pull events, including test runs and validation errors.

Here are some of the ERPs currently using Data Pull:

  • NetSuite
  • Costpoint
  • Priority
  • Epicor
  • CDK


Responsive and reliable

When data is successfully pulled, a confirmation is sent back to the external source, including any error messages. This data is logged in ItemPath's reporting system and can be used to trigger workflows like sending an email or turning on a light. Data Pull has checks in place to prevent duplicate orders and materials from being imported. It can also be set to retry in the case of an error.

Huge savings

ItemPath's API is a cost-effective solution for integrating PowerPick with an ERP. It's priced on a subscription basis, and is continually updated and maintained as PowerPick changes. Compared to the momentous costs and time involved in developing and maintaining a custom integration, this pre-built solution comes at great value.


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Data Pull v2
Data Pull

+ $4,900 / Year

Check external sources for order and material data and map the data to specific fields.