Turn on a Philips Hue LED in any colour

Run workflows in ItemPath to turn on lights based on criteria you choose. Use configurable colours to signal your team about orders ready to be picked.

+ $500 per year

Send signals in colour.

Configurable lights are the easiest way to visually indicate that something in the system needs attention.

All part of the Workflow.

Use ItemPath's Workflows feature to set up custom triggers for the Lights app. Alert when orders are sent from the ERP system, and use colours to show the highest priority in the queue. Additionally, turn on a light to indicate errors, count orders in the queue, low stock, quantity deviations, and more.

Customizable setups.

Lights or light strips can be mounted anywhere and can include any number and combination of lights, lamps, and light strips. Colours are configurable and can change by priority.

If this sounds familiar, Lights are for you.

A picker is also responsible for packing and preparation for replenishment. They’re not always near the PowerPick client PC to see if there are orders in the system—including Hot Pick orders from the customer counter.

The solution: a lamp that signals new orders and turns red for Hot Picks.

Our recommendation: use stoplight colours to indicate low to high priority, and get “red-hot" Hot Picks out right away!

  • Light is off: no orders to pick
  • Light is green: low-medium priority orders in the queue- Light is orange: high priority order in the queue
  • Light is red: Hot Pick to be processed