See stock discrepancies

Map your PowerPick data to your ERP system, and get the report as soon as a discrepancy is found.

+ $900 per year

See stock discrepancies.

Find errors quickly and easily by comparing data in PowerPick and your ERP system. Get a breakdown all the way down to the lot and serial numbers to make sure every part is accounted for.

Compare and contrast.

It's as easy as adding a system connection. Once mapped to the source data, you can add variance columns to your reports to compare values.

Diagnose deviations.

Find where quantities are misaligned before they get really off track. Keep variance data close at hand by adding it to all relevant reports.

Automate error checks.

Use the Variance app in a Workflow to send an alert when a stock discrepancy is found between PowerPick and your ERP system. See Cycle Counts for more about triggering cycle counts when quantities don't match up.