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Connect Power Pick to an external system and compare inventory levels. Use the Variance app to generate reports that show discrepancies between the two. Catch deviations early and keep your stock levels accurate.

Simplify and automate the process

If you have multiple warehouses, the Variance app can compare inventory levels between two locations. This data can notify you when to transfer stock from one warehouse to another and simplify the process of keeping stock levels balanced.

Blue connection

Connect and compare

Use the ItemPath API to securely access invententory data in your ERP or other software. A custom mapping system for matching material attributes allows for a direct comparison to data in Power Pick. Get a breakdown all the way down to the lot and serial numbers to make sure every part is accounted for.

Purple chart

Analyze and automate

Generate variance reports on a recurring basis to regularly keep an eye on the numbers and know when a reorder point is reached. Add variance columns to your reports and export files for further analysis. Have the results of a variance report trigger a Workflow to send an email with the file.


Spot the difference

ItemPath will take care of finding discrepancies between reports so you don’t have to.


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Variance v2

+ $900 / Year

Compare inventory levels between Power Pick and other systems.