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Product Update
2.12.0 - Order Builder Workflows & Pulling "Flat" Data
June 7, 2024

New Features:There is a new API connection type for OAuth 2.0 authorization. Along with a username and password, these connections require a login and refresh endpoint to be set in ...

Product Update
2.11.0 - Time Till Now, to the Minute
May 13, 2024

New Features:When setting up a comparison report column with datetime, a new dropdown lets you select the unit of time (previously, it was only "day")Materials can now be filtered by ...

Product Update
2.10.2 - Data Pull "Auto-Detect Direction" Setting
April 29, 2024

New Features:Data Pull's "auto-detect direction type" setting allows negative quantities to indicate Put ordersBugfixes:Fixes a bug where a new Web Services session would not be created if the sessionId value ...

Product Update
2.10.1 - Append New Lines Only with Data Pull
April 15, 2024

New Features:Adds new Data Pull setting: Append Lines.This setting defaults to not enabled. If the setting is enabled, when the pulled-in order has the name of an existing or completed ...

Product Update
2.10.0 - Adding Order Lines with Data Pull
April 4, 2024

New Features:Order deletion is now done through web services, rather than manually removing the row from the database. This ensures a history record is created when the order is deleted.Bugfixes:Fixes ...

Product Update
2.9.12 - Filtering Data Push by Any Field
March 25, 2024

New Features:A "stationName" field has been added to the LIST and SHOW /orders endpoints.An "orderLineInfo1" field and an "orderLineInfo2" field have been added to the LIST and SHOW /transactions endpoints. Patch ...

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