Order Builder

Create orders and order lines on demand

Avoid holdups when a part is needed by adding a new order into the line. Make a Hot Pick and keep things moving without interruption.

+ $900 per year

Create orders from anywhere, anytime.

Build the order request from any device, in advance, and have it ready by the time it needs to be retrieved. Also, create transfers or returns to make immediate corrections.

Get to the front of the line.

Set the priority of the order to high or "Hot Pick" to minimize wait times on requests. Connect to Workflows to print a customized label, turn on a light, and notify the picker right away.

Add custom info about picks or puts.

Use dynamic fields of your own design to create the order lines you need. Record data about a put or add info to a pick, such as a destination to deliver to when ready.

Build orders to your specs.

Put your own spin on orders, like using a specific order-naming system, or having the API validate how or where certain types of orders should be fulfilled.