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Order Builder

Allow an unlimited number of users secure access to a easy-to-use interface and create orders from any device, anywhere. Minimize travel time and interruptions.

A flexible way to create orders on the fly

Free up your stations and build orders remotely, in moments, adding as much or as little info as you need. Making a request on demand means it can be ready for pickup or delivery right away.

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Automate for faster fulfillment

For materials needed right away, quickly enter the order and set the priority to high. Use Lights to notify the picking team so they can get to work immediately, having it ready by the time it needs to be retrieved. The same workflow could also send a message, put the order on a Display, print a label for the order, or email a record of the order.

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Streamline the build process

Set validation rules to ensure orders are created with all the necessary information. Simplify the interface to show only the fields you need for the type of order and set default values to speed up the process. Use the search tool to easily find materials or kits. Include details like destination, priority, and deadline, plus additional info or custom fields as needed.

Order building

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Order Builder v2
Order Builder

+ $900 / Year

Create orders on the fly using an interface.