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Unlock the power of software-to-software automation through API access. Make calls between your PLC or ERP systems and PowerPick to synchronize and execute tasks.

Data Push & Pull

With API, one side needs to initiate the communication. ItemPath can make those calls, either polling PowerPick and pushing datato the ERP, or pulling data from the ERP to send to PowerPick. These features have extra cost, offset by eliminating the need for another external API middleware to develop and maintain.


The API Advantage

Save time and headaches by skipping manual processes of searching for and exporting information. Use the four basic methods:

GET icon


Return data, with a filter.

POST icon


Create a new record.

PUT icon


Update data.



Remove a record.

Time to make a call

If your ERP software has an API tool, you have the best integration method available to you. Unlock the power of software-to-software automation.

Here is a sample of what ItemPath's fully-developed REST API for PowerPick can do:

  • Create and modify orders
  • Add or update materials
  • Check history records
  • Check inventory levels and location info
  • Lookup any PowerPick data


Why API?

The short answer: It's developers' top choice. This integration method returns an instant response with a confirmation or error message—something file transfers or intermediate tables can't do.


API is a hot topic!

Forward-thinking companies like yours are moving towards API as a preferred method of integration, especially with cloud-based systems. Check out these benefits:

  • Easier to deploy than other methods using API endpoints to get and send data
  • Less maintenance—the "set it and forget it" approach
  • More secure (a major concern!)
  • Data goes directly between systems, without in-between files or tables to manage
  • More flexibility and control, better performance
  • Instant responses, alerts, and visibility to know when things go wrong
  • Offered by all newer and upgraded ERPs
  • Works better with cloud-based systems that don't have an easy way to manage files
  • "Future proof" as major ERPs begin to phase out—and raise costs for older methods

Ready to Go

ItemPath's API has been used by dozens of PowerPick customers with different ERP systems for several years. Here are some of the ERP systems already developed and currently being used with ItemPath:

  • Microsoft Dynamics 365 / Business Central
  • Epicor
  • NetSuite
  • SAP
  • JD Edwards with Orchestrator
  • Infor M3 with Boomi
  • Mulesoft
  • CDK
  • Costpoint
  • Priority


Huge savings

ItemPath's API is a cost-effective solution for integrating PowerPick with an ERP. It's priced on a subscription basis, and is continually updated and maintained as PowerPick changes. Compared to the momentous costs and time involved in developing and maintaining a custom integration, this pre-built solution comes at great value.

Security checks

We take security very seriously. Our API requests are secured by OAuth standards—credentials of an authenticated user are required to access endpoints, and authentication tokens are refreshed often for validation. When integrating with Data Pull and Data Push, ItemPath can handle additional authentication methods to accommodate your ERP's security requirements.

ItemPath uses modern code workflows to reduce and eliminate bugs, security holes, and code exploits. We have regular penetration testing for our cloud networks and software, checking for common threats and vectors, and we release regularly, keeping our applications up to date with the latest security fixes.

With an optional add-on, ItemPath supports multi-factor authentication via Azure MSAL. ItemPath user permissions are configurable, allowing conditional access to resources like reporting tools. Your data is also protected with these measures:

Green cloud

Data Encryption for Cloud

All data in transport is encrypted, and any highly sensitive data is encrypted at rest. API requests are HTTPS by default. Additional data sources (Such as the PowerPick database) can be connected by either secure or insecure ports.

Blue server

Data Encryption for On-Premise

HTTP and HTTPS methods are supported. Since the network and hardware are provided by the customer, we support TLS 1.2 and below, and customer-provided certificates can be supplied to enable HTTPS for all API requests.

Blue lock

Security Overview

To find out more about our extensive security measures, our Security Overview provides the information you need.

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