API Integration

Send a request, get a response

Immediate, secure calls between PLC or ERP systems and PowerPick using all kinds of data.

Time to make a call.

Unlock the power of software-to-software automation through API access. Make calls between your PLC or ERP systems and PowerPick to synchronize and execute tasks.

Send a request. Get a response.

ItemPath’s REST APIs are highly adept, capable of adding or updating materials and orders, getting history details, and creating reports. By building a bridge to information stored in PowerPick databases and hardware, API tools can put that data to work.

Ask anything.

Save time and headaches by skipping manual processes of searching for and exporting information. Use the four basic methods…

  1. GET or return data, with a filter
  2. PUT or update data
  3. POST or create a new record
  4. DELETE or remove a record

… to make these example requests. Once the APIs provide the data, there are no limits on how it can be used.

  • Show materials that have not been counted.
  • Update a history record to show that it has been exported.
  • Add an order line to an order.
  • List all empty locations.
  • Return high priority orders.

Security checks.

Authentication tokens are refreshed often for validation. Credentials of an authenticated user are required to access endpoints.

Why API?

Short answer: developers' choice. An API can give a quick response with an acknowledgement, errors, etc. much more easily than with file transfers or intermediate tables.