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Tell the visual story of your warehouse. Get instant visibility of crucial updates on orders and inventory by monitoring live data. Show graphs of progress over the course of a day or week, and compare to previous periods. Learn from the past to make better decisions in the future.

Check target & trend lines

Choose from a variety of colourful graphs and charts to create custom widgets. Make your data easy to understand at a glance so you can pick up on patterns and outliers. Use ItemPath's "snapshot" reporting technology to measure growth over time. Watch for things like:

  • Processing frequency
  • Stock quantities
  • Storage space remaining
  • Counts due


Share with your team

Allow various levels of access to an unlimited number of users so everyone can be on the same page. Display the dashboard on a public monitor or tablet, or have users log in securely from their own devices wherever they are and toggle between personalized and shared views.

Motivate users with visibility of their performance, highlighting the impact of their role on the overall statistics of the warehouse.

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