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Use the Explorer tool to find data on orders and batches, and anything in your storage units. Call up quantities, descriptions, locations, creation and expiry dates, sizes and capacities, and information fields with an easy search.

All the data at your fingertips

Deep dive into your digital warehouse. Zoom into storage units to see trays and fill level, or scroll through the overview of what's inside.


The full picture at your fingertips

Make your data available to everyone who needs, wherever they need it. This web-based interface can be securely accessed by an unlimited number of users and is easy to navigate. Plus, with ItemPath reports, you can save and customised datasets. Here's what you can see with Explorer:

Order Processing Details
  • Batches: Name, dates, priority level.
  • Orders: Name, description, status, priority.
  • Order Lines: Number, direction, material, quantity, status.
  • Transactions: ID, date, type, export status, order name, line number, direction, motive type.

Location Details
  • Bins: Name, dimensions.
  • Carriers: Number.
  • Locations: Name, bin type, fill level, zone.
  • Shelves: Name, number, sequence number.
  • Warehouses: Name, storage units, bin fill levels within trays.
  • Zones: Name, description, zone type, pick/put type, warehouse.

Inventory Details
  • Kits: Name and target.
  • Materials: Name, date created, current quantity, material property, blocked status, info fields, locations.
  • Material Properties: Name, serial/lot tracking settings, cycle counting, date properties.
  • Storage Rules: Description, default bin, required capacity, minimum stock.

Other PowerPick Details
  • Cost Centers: Name, date, description.
  • Dynamic Fields: Name, table, settings.
  • Parameters: Name, station, value.
  • Peripherals: Name, type, description, parameters.
  • Stations: Name, description, warehouse, type.


System status check

With easy visibility of history from the Transactions list, you can see what kinds of processes are being completed and when. You can also find what transactions haven't been exported and resend them if needed—great for testing your Data Push integrations and resolving errors.

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