Cloud Printer and Device Connections Explained

ItemPath supports connections to cloud-enabled printers and "Internet of Things" devices.

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More New Label Design Features

ItemPath's Cloud Label Printing just got better with a bunch of new features.

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Summer 2015 Update

Tons of great features we want to share with you, including integrations and automation.

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Internet of Things - Actually doing it

With all the talk about the Internet of Things and Big Data, it might be overwhelming to know where to start. ItemPath makes it easy.

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Reporting and Analytics - Built into ItemPath

What do you want to know about your things?

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Automating Data Capture & Printing with the "Internet of Things"

The Internet of Things (IoT) offers new ways of gathering data from devices and automatically recording details.

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Check-in Types to Record Item History

ItemPath lets you record events that happen to your things. Track assets and materials through processes involving combining and separating.

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Understanding the Advantages of Cloud Computing

With applications in the cloud, you can benefit in many ways compared with traditional, local software.

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Everything has a history. Know what it is.

Everything has a history. Now you can know what it is -- whatever details you want, about the items and conditions surrounding them. From source to destination, and everything in between. 

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New Features for Labelling: Text Blocks and Images

Our development team has been doing some neat work on label printing from the cloud. Want a logo or graphic images on your labels? It's easy to add them. How about lots of text like ingredients, instructions, or nutritional information? ItemPath handles block text with auto word-wrap. 

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New Feature: Snapshots let you record the conditions to help ensure safety and quality.

"Save us from all our paper forms!" Do you feel like that, too? With the new Snapshots feature, you can now set up your own checklists. Do away with those paper forms. Record those details in ItemPath to ensure the right things are done. See the results from anywhere in real time. Approvals and comment trails are all part of getting a complete snapshot of the conditions you want to monitor.

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New Field Type: Multiple Choice

We’ve heard the need for an extra type of field in ItemPath, and today we’re happy to announce that we’ve made multiple choice fields available to all our customers. To create a multiple choice field, just head over to the Fields tab and add a new field. Make sure to select the Field Type as "Multiple Choice”.

With multiple choice fields, you can create as many different choices as you want. Once you assign this field to a Location or Item Type, your users will be able to select a field choice during a checkin. Just like other checkins, you’ll be able to view the choices for each item (and how the choices have changed over time).

We’re looking forward to seeing how you use this feature.

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​New Feature: Attach Custom Information to Partners, Item Types, and Locations

We’re constantly adding little features to ItemPath, and we’ve just released a really great one: Custom Data. If you have the proper permissions in your account, you can now add new fields under the Info tab of any Partner, Item Type, or Location. Once you create a new data field, ItemPath saves you time by creating that data field across the board.

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Get a Detailed History of Everything

ItemPath helps you get a detailed history of everything you want to track.

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What Really Happened to Your Things

People don't care about traceability. Not really.

They do care that the things they buy are safe and that the claims about them are true.

That's why we created ItemPath.

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Launching ItemPath 1.0 - Traceability software for everyone

We’re thrilled to announce that, starting today, ItemPath is now openly available to everyone. Visit to create your account and try it out for yourself.

ItemPath is a modern web application that tracks items and records customized data about them. Instead of using thousands of paper records, ItemPath simplifies data collection and collates it into an easy-to-use interface that the whole organization can use.

We began our private beta a year ago, and today we're tracking thousands of items across the globe. Our customers range from industries such as agriculture, manufacturing, and telecommunications. Their feedback is that ItemPath makes it simple for them to get a handle on their inventory and makes traceability during a recall easier than ever.

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Cloud Printing Benefits

No longer do you need to manage printer drivers, pair devices and have a local software program or app - ItemPath is the world's first web app that prints labels and tags directly from the cloud. It's really easy to connect a cloud printer to ItemPath and start printing in minutes.

ItemPath is a web app, it runs in a browser. There's no USB, no Bluetooth, no software drivers and no software programs or apps to install. Instead, by being a web app, or cloud program, all you need is a browser and an internet connection. You can print from your browser on any device to any printer connected to ItemPath - no matter where it is in the world.

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