Build the detailed history of your things.

Locations, attributes, conditions, and compliance details.

Current Inventory

Updating in real-time, and always accurate.

Check-in Items

Create, move, combine, ship, and more. It's easy to track items.

Print labels for your items.

Design & print with custom details.

With ItemPath, you don’t have to limit yourself when it comes to labels.

Print labels on the fly from the cloud for central control and convenience.

ItemPath supports bar codes & 2D codes and can print labels with dynamic information that you set up.

Read more about cloud label printing

Where things have been.

Each item has a history to explore.

ItemPath stores data every time you move, combine or create items. It assembles that data into useful reports and charts to give you a picture of your inventory or stock levels.

Gather data in case of a recall or see what your workers have accomplished. Whatever you decide, ItemPath has the information to back you up.

More about item history

Inventory is built right in.

Know what you have at each location.

ItemPath keeps an electronic trail for every item, product, and check-in so you don’t have to.

A huge benefit is inventory tracking and management.

Keep tabs on what stock you have at different locations as you transfer goods and assets from place to place.

One of the many good things about it - it's all happening in real-time.

See more about inventory management

The power of the Cloud.

Built-in "Internet of Things" support.

Data collection and reporting has never been easier, and with ItemPath you can do it anywhere you have an internet connection.

Check-in items in your browser, and manage your supply chain from wherever you are.

With support for the "Internet of Things", you can automatically fill in details, get alerts, print labels, and a whole lot more - right from your browser.

ItemPath in the cloud