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Cavalier Tool & Mold

Updated July 18, 2023


Cavalier Tool & Mold has been a customer of ItemPath for three years, during which time they have used ItemPath to manage their inventory and order fulfillment processes. Using ItemPath's base features and a combination of additional ItemPath apps, Cavalier Tool has been able to streamline their warehouse processes and improve their vendor communications.

Feature highlight:

Vendor-Managed Inventory Reports

Reporting is essential at Cavalier Tool & Mold's warehouse, where they house a VLM containing vendor-managed inventory. Each item used needs to be tracked and expensed, and weekly reports need to be sent to the vendor about what's left.

They use ItemPath's custom Reports tool paired with the Workflows feature to automate this process. Each week, those two reports are generated and emailed to the vendor—one for the items used, and one for the items remaining. 

This process eliminates the headache of manually 
 tracking and reporting, and the worry of running 
 out of inventory. It's efficient, accurate, and took only a few minutes to set up in ItemPath.

This is in addition to daily and monthly reports on the rest of their transaction history and materials stored elsewhere, for their own productivity records and inventory management. Now, they can focus on what they do best: making specialty molds for fixtures for the automotive industry.

Cavalier tool case study sample history report data

This report specifies only pick-"type" transactions that haven't been exported yet, that were picked within the last week from that VLM.

The report on all vendor-managed materials can look something like that, filtered by just the VLM containing the vendor’s stock.

Cavalier tool case study sample history report filters

Feature highlight:

Urgent Order Fulfillment

Cavalier also set up the Order Builder app to create orders for fixtures needed on the floor. For these high priority orders, the Lights app could notify the warehouse team that an order needed to be picked right away. Here's how that can work:

A picker is stationed at the VLM to fulfill orders as they come in. On the floor, an engineer is in need of a few parts, but can't afford the time to walk across the warehouse to ask for the order to be created in PowerPick and wait it to be picked. Instead, they open a browser wherever they're working and create an order online using ItemPath's Order Builder app.

Since the engineer marked the order as a "Hot Pick," ItemPath's Lights app turns the Philips Hue light near the VLM to red. The picker on duty sees the red light and pauses their other work to assemble this new order right away. By the time the engineer gets there, the parts are packed and waiting, and they're back to work in no time.


Automation provides peace of mind.

  • Eliminate manual tracking and reporting
  • Customize filters for detailed reports
  • Notify with lights for quick assessment
  • Manage inventory effectively
  • Modernize and automate systems
Items stored cavalier
Order fulfillment cavalier

Feature highlight:


ItemPath is integral for Cavalier’s daily operations.

Running a successful business doesn’t just happen. There are vendors to keep informed and data which requires tracking. With ItemPath, the staff at Cavalier produce 14 different workflows which are sent out to 3 different vendors. These include monthly accounting reports, weekly stock reports, and daily material usage.

These reports enable the vendors to accurately and regularly receive the updates they need. ItemPath is what makes it happen!

Report schedule cavalier

Accurate Reporting

Cavalier's reports are custom-tailored to fit their needs. ItemPath makes it easy to get started, with pre-built templates that are easy to adjust and share.

These dynamic reports are the master key to automation with ItemPath. They capture relevant data and indicate next steps, sending files straight to inboxes in easy-to-view formats.

There's no need to hunt for data with automated reports. Using ItemPath's notification apps, users always know what's happening system-wide.

Creating snapshots takes reporting to the next level, by showing results over time in a visual format. These kinds of KPIs can tell Cavalier a lot about what's happening in their system:

  • Transaction Frequency
  • User Activity
  • Material Usage & Value
  • Stock Shortage
  • Fill Level
  • Material Expiry
  • Reorder Points
Cavalier case study screenshot

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