Material Property

Report Columns

  • Counting Cycle

    Number of days between count orders for a material, assigned by a material property.

  • Danger Class

    Number of the danger class assigned to the material.

  • Description

    Description of the material property and how it applies to the material.

  • Fifo Type

    First-in, first-out types.


    0 = No Fifo
    1 = Fifo by put date
    2 = Fifo by product
    3 = Fifo by production date
    4 = Fifo by expiry date

  • Name

    Name of the material property. This should indicate the rule being applied to the material.

  • Space Type

    Permanent reserves the bin for the material(s) set for it, even when it is empty.


    1 = Permanent
    2 = Temporary