Conclusions use report results to group and present Power Pick data as useful and visual information.


  • id integer

    Unique identifier for the object

  • name string

    A non-unique name given to the object

  • type string

    Operation to perform on row count. Either count, sum, average, minimum, or maximum

  • reportId integer

    The id of the report the snapshot belongs to

  • groupColumnId integer

    The id of the report column that the snapshot data is grouped by

  • triggerFrequency string

    How frequently the snapshot is performed. Either minute, hour, day, week, month, year

  • lastTriggered datetime

    Datetime of when the snapshot was last triggered


List Snapshots

get /api/snapshots

Get the list of report snapshots, and return a response.


  • name string

    search by snapshot name

  • limit integer

    limit the number of results returned

  • countOnly boolean

    return only the number of snapshots

  • reportId integer

    return snapshots belonging to the report

Request with curl
curl "http://[Your IP] /api/snapshots" \ -X get \-H "Content-Type: application/json" \-H "Authorization: Bearer [Your JWT Access Token]"
Example Response
{"snapshots": [{ "id": " integer ", "name": " string ", "type": " string ", "reportId": " integer ", "groupColumnId": " integer ", "triggerFrequency": " string ", "lastTriggered": " datetime ", }]}]}