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Make changes to ItemPath settings using the API.


  • appId uuid

    ID of the ItemPath app.

  • connectionId uuid

    ID of the connection.

  • id uuid

    ID of the setting.

  • integrationId uuid

    ID of the integration.

  • name string

    Name of the setting.

  • number integer

    Setting number.

  • type string

    Type of setting.

  • value string

    Value entered/selected for the setting.

  • widgetId uuid

    ID of the dashboard widget.


Update License http://api/settings

Body Parameters

  • license string

    The encrypted license for your ItemPath installation. This needs to be renewed each year.

Request with curl
curl "http://[subdomain.itempath.com or IP]http://api/settings" \ -X put \ -H "Content-Type: application/json" \ -H "Authorization: Bearer [Your JWT Access Token]"
-d '{ 
  "license": "qgbL/cFSq0vhcuXhTF9vIvvIM9dv27PQ4T5RgixoP+VePGbxExQfhDItlnf8am"
Example Response
    "settings": [
            "value": "qgbL/cFSq0vhcuXhTF9vIvvIM9dv27PQ4T5RgixoP+VePGbxExQfhDItlnf8am",
            "integrationId": null,
            "number": 100,
            "name": "license",
            "type": null,
            "connectionId": null,
            "id": 120,
            "appId": null