Cloud Installation

Installing ItemPath hosted in the cloud is simpler than ever. Together with Kardex, we take care of all your setup, so the first step to running ItemPath is opening your welcome email!

This introductory email includes details like the IP address, recovery key, and your link to ItemPath. In the form pictured below, enter the details of your first user to be directed to ItemPath.

 User signup wide

While ItemPath will be ready to use by this step, you'll want to add your PowerPick connection data to ItemPath. Click here for the detailed guide on connecting to PowerPick.

Note: You will only need to fill in details for a Web Services connection if you will be using the Epicor, Order Builder, Order Processor, or Variance apps, or creating or processing orders in the API.

Click on Settings in the footer (pictured below) and go to the Connections tab to fill in the required data. The connections tab will show green check marks when the connection information is correct.

 Settings 2  Settings 3

Congratulations on setting up ItemPath!