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  5. Locally Connecting the Bridge

Locally Connecting the Bridge

After selecting Philips Hue on the Apps page, you will notice a dropdown with a "Select Access Type" button. Select "Local" from the dropdown and click the button.

 Add Local Bridge

A new dropdown will be shown with a list of all the bridges found on the network. Select the ID of the bridge you would like to integrate with ItemPath and press "Select Bridge".

 Select Local Bridge

As a measure of security, Philips Hue requires the main button located on the bridge to be pressed prior to integration with ItemPath. Press the button and then confirm the dialog within 30 seconds. After doing so, a notification will pop up indicating whether or not the bridge was successfully integrated with ItemPath.

 Local Bridge Confirm After successfully connecting your bridge, you can now add a Philips Hue action to a workflow.