Editing Reports

It is very simple to begin editing reports. However, there are varying levels of depth when it comes to what data you want in the Report and how you would like it organized or exported.

Listed below are several ways you can edit a Report:

  • Title

  • Columns

  • Delete

Or if you would like to curate your data once the Report is created, visit these pages for further details:

  • Filtering

  • Sorting

  • Exporting

  • Conclusions

The easiest aspect to edit is the Title. To do this, simply click on the pencil icon located beside the report title. You can then change the title as needed and then click the green check mark to compete.

 Editing Reports 2

The same goes for Deleting. In the event that a report is no longer needed, click the trash can icon beside the report title. A notification will alert you that anything associated with the report will also be deleted. Do not delete the report if you would like to keep the workflow, conclusion, or dashboard widget it is connected to.