Modifying Report Columns

This is where you decide exactly what you need in the columns for your report. To access report columns, click the Columns tab within the Reports page. There is a number listed on the tab; this indicates how many columns are being used for the report.

 Report Columns

You can modify the titles and select where the data will be pulled from based on the type of report it is. Column options are listed in a drop down menu for easy selection.

Once you have selected your column name and the type of column it is, click Add Column. This will place it at the bottom of the list of columns.

You can then arrange and rearrange as needed by clicking on the cross arrow to the right and dragging the appropriate column where you would like it to be in the sequence.

If you have more columns than you need or added one in error, you can delete a column at any time by clicking on the trash can icon to the right.