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Integration Runs & Test

Integration Runs

See when the integration has run and what was returned using the Runs tab. You can sort runs by any column by clicking on the column header, search, or filter by status.

Click on a run to see its full logs. This includes the data that is pulled, then how it was mapped, and what was returned in the confirmation, plus any error messaged.

Using the "Retry" button at the top-right here is designed in case of errors, but it will not result in any duplicate records if earlier attempts were successful—ItemPath has checks in place to prevent that.

 Data pull runs

Integration Test

You can test the endpoint to see if there are any orders or materials to pull. The full details will be shown in the Runs tab, with the data available to process and what the mapped data would look like. If there aren't errors, the description of the last log will say this "Test Run. Did not attempt to make web services call."