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Creating & Importing Reports

To create a new report, click the New Report button on the Reports home screen. This will give you a new menu which will allow you to begin the creating process.

If you do not have the ability to create a new report, your user role might not have that permission enabled.

 Creating reports 1

To begin your new report, select the Theme (this is what the report will be based on so that you know at a glance what the report is referencing). Your options are listed in the drop down menu.

 Creating reports 2

Next, enter a name for the report. You'll want to choose something that makes it easy for other viewers to understand what the report contains. The Create Report button will be greyed out until the theme and name are chosen.

 Creating reports 3

Alternatively, you can import a template of a report that has already been created, perhaps on a test system or from our list of downloadable templates. To import a template, click Import Template next to New Report at the top-right. You'll then be prompted to choose your file (should be .json), which will be imported automatically upon selection.

 Creating reports 4  Creating reports 5

After you have created your report, it will be empty until you have edited it with your specifications. The report can now be found in the master list. For instructions on editing, go to the Editing Reports documentation.