Setting Triggers

To set a trigger, choose one of the regularity options from the drop down list then enter the specific day and time of occurrence. Click Save to keep your selections.

 Trigger Screenshot

Once the frequency and date is chosen, the file type will need to be selected. (This must be done before choosing the application option otherwise it will be empty). To do this, choose your action from the drop down menu.You must select the format (ie. PDF, CSV, XLSX), which report to export, and then the template. Click Add Action to confirm the report and file type.

 Trigger Report Screenshot

Finally, select the app or method of communication. Depending on which format is selected, this may require different inputs. Once the information has been entered correctly, click Add Action.

 Add Action Triggers

Trigger options can be deleted whenever necessary by clicking Remove. This won't delete the primary trigger (or workflow). To do this, click the red button to the right labelled Delete Workflow.

*It is best to create a new trigger for each report/file type and app/communication grouping.